The Ljubljana Chess Festival 2024 concluded on May 4th after eight days of intense competition, camaraderie, and strategic chess brilliance. Hosted in the beautiful city and the capital of Slovenia, the festival brought together chess professionals and enthusiasts from across the globe to celebrate the timeless game of kings.

Organised by Tajfun Ljubljana Chess Club, the Ljubljana Chess Festival 2024 continues its tradition, celebrating its 10th edition this year!

As it marked its significant milestone, this year’s festival boasted a variety of distinctive events:

– The 8th edition of the Blitz Memorial “Zlatko Bašagić” was organized on May 1st. Mr Abdulla Gadimbayli from Azerbaijan won with 7.5 points out of 9, followed by the Slovenian GM Jure Skoberne and the Indian IM A.Ra. Harikrishnan;

– The 3rd edition of the Rapid Memorial “Nusret Sivčević” was organized on May 2nd. Mr Maksym Goroshkov from Slovenia won with 6 points out of 7, followed by Jure Skoberne and FM Danijel Beletič;

– The 2nd edition of the Kids “Dragon” Chess tournament was organized on May 3rd. Mr Jakob Kovačič from Slovenia, won the event with 6 points out of 7, followed by David Krstić and Leonard Belyaletdinov.

The event also featured the three-day FIDE FPL Seminar, adding another enriching dimension to the festival. The members of the FIDE Fair Play Commission, Mr Yuri Garret (Chair of the FIDE FPL), Ms Bojana Bejatovic (Secretary of the FIDE FPL) and Prof. Dr. Jürgen Klüners (Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Mathematics – Paderborn University and FPL Member) shared their extensive knowledge and best practices in fair play during the seminar sessions, enriching the event with invaluable insights and expertise.

The festival attracted players of all skill levels, from top professional grandmasters to budding newcomers, fostering an inclusive and vibrant atmosphere for all participants. This year’s chess festival will also count as a National Championship for its members, a youth championship up to 20 years old and a senior championship.

The main event (9 rounds, Swiss system, broadcasted live) hosted 119 players from 14 different federations (AZE, BUL, CRO, ESP, HUN, IND, ITA, KOS, LAT, NED, SLO, SRB, SWE, UKR).

Among them, our famous Slovenian stars and National team members, GM Šubelj, Jan, IM Laura Unuk and WIM Teja Vidic, also participated.

The festival owes much of its success to the meticulous organisation spearheaded by two remarkable women, Ms. Darja Kaps and Ms. Ana Srebrnic. Their leadership ensured that every aspect of the tournament, from logistics to hospitality, was executed flawlessly, further enhancing the festival’s reputation as a premier chess event.

“We are thrilled with the success of the Ljubljana Chess Festival 2024,” said Ms. Darja Kaps, the Tournament Director. “It was incredible seeing so many passionate players come together to celebrate the game we all love. Congratulations to all the participants for their impressive performances, and a special thank you to our sponsors, our Organizing team, and supporters for making this event possible. Complementing the main tournament, the festival curated a selection of side activities and attractions, enriching the overall experience and appeal of the event.”

As the curtains draw on the Ljubljana Chess Festival 2024, Chief Arbiter Ms. Ana Srebrnic reflects, ‘As Chief Arbiter of the Ljubljana Chess Festival 2024, I am proud to commend the participants for their exemplary display of skill, strategy, and sportsmanship. Their commitment to fair play and passion for the game have truly made this event memorable.”

The event glittered with a prize pool of 13,000 euros. The first-place winner Mr Abdulla Gadimbayli from Azerbaijan took home a prestigious prize of 3,000 euros. Mr A.Ra Harikrishnan from India finished second place and took a prize of 2,200 euros, while Mr Jan Šubelj finished third with a prize of 1,500 euros.

The participants up to eighth place also received money prizes.

Additionally, a notable 550 euros was awarded to the top female contestant, Ms. Anastasiia Hnatyshyn from Ukraine, followed by Teja Vidic and Laura Unuk, from Slovenia.

A special recognition and prizes were considered for outstanding seniors and juniors.

The Ljubljana Chess Festival 2024 would like to extend its gratitude to its sponsors – Slovenske železnice d.o.o, Municipality of Ljubljana, Chess Federation of Slovenia, Tajfun Planina d.o.o., Tourism Ljubljana and other supporters for their generous support in making this event a success.

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About Ljubljana Chess Festival:

The Ljubljana Chess Festival is an annual event that celebrates the rich tradition and strategic brilliance of chess. Organised by Tajfun Ljubljana Chess Club, it offers a platform for players of all ages and skill levels to compete, learn, and connect with fellow enthusiasts.


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Text and photo: Bojana Bejatovic