A vision

The company Slovenske železnice strives to become a provider of comprehensive passenger and environment-friendly services in passenger transport and the main carrier of public passenger transport in Slovenia. In international traffic, the company’s vision is to become an important transfer and connecting center on the V and X corridors between SE and NW Europe.


The company performs a mandatory public economic service in domestic passenger transport and cross-border (regional) transport, or in international transport. The company’s goal is to provide a safe, reliable and ecologically acceptable way of transporting passengers in accordance with market needs, as well as efficient supply of the economy and satisfaction of our users.

Tajfun Planina d.o.o., founded in 1967, provides complete and integrated solutions in the field of forestry machinery with efficient service, after sale support and comprehensive sales networks in more than 50 countries around the world. Our primary products include single and double drum logging winches, firewood processors, hydraulic tractor crane, suspension cranes, TajGO forestry information system and forestry accessories. We completely test each individual machine for full functionality, ensuring we meet significant international quality and safety standards. The use of the most advanced CNC machines, top technology, laser cutters and highly sensitive tools contribute to our advanced manufacturing process. Our goal is to create powerful, user-friendly and secure forestry machines, supported by a forestry information system to facilitate work in the forest. We provide complete and competitive solutions to meet the needs of the forestry industry. Through intensive development, we have chosen our path and directed our vision to become the leading producer of forestry mechanization in the world.


Planina 41 a
SI-3225 Planina pri Sevnici

+386 (0)3 746 44 00
+386 (0)3 579 10 16




Šahovski klub Ljubljana
Glavarjeva 16

1000 Ljubljana, Slovenija


e-mail: sah.ljubljana@gmail.com

Tournament Director:

Darja Kapš

Chief Arbiter:

Ana Srebrnič